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Blackrock Networks has a group of dedicated programmers and engineers that have developed some specialized software platforms to solve common network problems.

These software applications are so useful, that we decided to bring them to market!

Work Order
Remote Work Order, Billing, and Timesheet Application; all Open Source Based, this productivity enhancement tool works with any internet connected GUI terminal with a Generation 5 web browser.

Allows for field service personnel to complete their remote orders online and track their time for customer billing.

Work Order is compatible with Windows, MacOS X,
Mac OS 9, Linux, Palm, Microsoft Mobile, Unix, etc.

Portal Platform
Blackrock has incorporated the best of open source technologies with a menu of proprietary applications to provide a disparate and remote workforce with access to interactive company data services, all delivered with strong encryption for information assurance and privacy. Blackrock can provide a Portal solution for a fraction of the cost of a Microsoft, IBM, or Oracle solution.

Customization for clients with special application and workforce needs. 100-percent compatible with Microsoft and other proprietary software solutions.

Blackrock Software has created an Application Gateway Server to Control Access, Monitor Usage, Audit, and Bill Network Access Services for both Wired and Wireless Networks!


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